Let’s Find This Reader a Workhorse Sweatshirt!

datum 31.01.2021 22:43 Autor: Nataša Simić

Confession: I’ve worn nothing but loungewear this winter. In fact, I’ve been wearing this guy every day since September and it feels so good! So, when a reader named Jane reached out to ask for tried-and-true sweatshirt recommendations, she came to the right place. Here are our answers, and I’d love to hear yours…

I realize I’m a broken record, but this signature sweatshirt may be the SOFTEST THING you will put on your body this year. The softness stays even after multiple washings, and the relaxed fit is surprisingly flattering for a sweatshirt. (This hoodie is also very cute.)

Our marketing director Maureen has been wearing this cotton one on repeat. She says it’s “super comfortable,” and it comes in 13 colors.


Editor Kim loves this one (and was looking cute in it on our Zoom meeting today). “The Met is one of my favorite places in the world, and I love having a reminder of it every day,” she says.

What about you? What cozy pieces have you been wearing? (If you want to treat yourself, how sweet is this heart pullover?)

P.S. Let’s find readers a raincoat and a wedding dress!

(Photo by Guille Faingold/Stocksy.)

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